Monday, February 22, 2010

Have you ever made a Roman Shade?

Well, I finally did! I had been wanting to make a Roman Shade for my kitchen window and well finally got down to business and made it.

My mother in law who sews beautifully was a big help and so was this tutorial I found on you tube. So with window measurements in hand we were off to find fabric. Like I said my mother in law was a great help she also knew I would need hardware as well.

The fabric to the right is what we picked out for the shade. The fabric to the left is my dining room curtains ( my mother in law made for me). Good match considering we picked the fabric only because it was on sale.

I also had to sew a lining for the curtain this is where the rods are placed so the shade goes up and down nicely. I really do need to iron that lining!

I think the shade looks good and certainly keeps that morning sun out of your eyes! If you would like more detailed pictures of the shade let me know.

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