Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Raise your hand!
I know I can't be the only one who has forgotten to take something out for dinner, didn’t have time to stop by the store, or just too busy to think about "What's for dinner?" So this doesn’t happen as often I try and have one night where we have just a salad / soup or appetizer. So easy with ready made salad mixes. Gotta love it!

This is what we had for dinner last night. Looks good enough to eat - don't you think? Nice green salad with mixed greens, sliced cucumber and mushrooms. Appetizer is Steak Crostini w/Chive Cream Sauce – you can find the recipe below. I made half this recipe, which made about six (I had to sample one) and refrigerated the remaining sauce and steak for this weekend.

Steak Crostini w/ Chive Cream Sauce

1 small loaf French baguette

½ cup sour cream

2 tbsp chopped fresh chives

1 garlic glove pressed

3/4 tsp salt and pepper, divided

2 tbsp olive oil, divided

1 to 2 small beef tenderloins

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Cut 12 to 16 slices 1/2 inch thick from baguette. Arrange bread on sheet pan drizzle with olive oil and bake 8-10 minutes until brown. Set aside to cool when done. Meanwhile for sauce combine sour cream, chives, garlic and 1/4 tsp salt & pepper, mix well.

Add oil to pan over medium high heat 1- 3 minutes until shimmering. Season tenderloin with remaining salt and pepper. Place in pan and reduce heat to medium, cook 6-10 minutes for medium rare, turning once. Transfer tenderloin to plate; tent with foil and let stand 5 minutes. After 5 minutes slice into thin strips. Spoon sauce over baguette slices, top with tenderloin slices. You can top with onion and sun dried tomato mix (see recipe below) if you like.

Chop half a medium size yellow onion. Chop ¼ cup sun dried tomatoes (it's okay if they are packed in oil). Add a tbsp of olive oil in saucepan over medium heat, add chopped onions and cook until starting to brown. Add the chopped sun dried tomatoes and mix together and heat thru add a pinch of salt and pepper if desired. Set aside until steak crostini is ready or refrigerate and re-heat when ready to use.


  1. Looks so good I wish I had been there!

  2. Vicki,

    I've really enjoyed looking at your blog! This recipe looks SO good. Thanks for sharing :)



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