Thursday, May 6, 2010

Color Challenge Photo's

Kristina Werner is asking for photo posts for a color challenge.  When I saw this challenge I immediately thought of a couple of photo's I have always liked.  Of course - when you start to look for that one photo you end up looking at lot's of photo's.  So I ended up with a couple of choices to pick from.  I thought I would post the two photo's then make my choice.  So here are my photo's below.

So I thought once I posted the two photo's I would be able to choose one really quickly - Ug!  Not happening I really love both of these!  These photo's are a trip to Disney Land we took a few years ago.  In the first photo - Teacups!  I love the teacups they are just so colorful and pretty.  The second photo with the Sunburst and the Mickey Mouse outline and the reflection on the water I thought was fabulous.  To find out which one I chose to submit head on over to Kristina's blog and check it out.

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