Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun Times

Boy have I been bad!  Well not so much bad as just sick and when I thought I was getting over it I would get sick again -Yuk!  I finally did shake it and I am feeling so much better!  In fact I was feeling so much better that when my DH's parents came for a visit with a few of there friends from Oregon I hosted a dinner for the group Sunday night and joined in on a few of the planned activities.   We spent time Saturday and Sunday together and we all had a great time.
BIG Thanks to Susan, Bruce, Jodi, Paul, Diane, Bill, Brenda, Ron, Sue and Kenny!  

The group met at a local place for dinner on Saturday - not just any old dinner but a BBQ with a little bit of gold panning thrown in.  What fun we had!  The group had signed up with a local place called The Roaring Camp Mining Co.  click on the link and click on Saturday BBQ for some fun details.

We drove down to Roaring Camp after signing in and then loaded up on a huge pick up truck with bench seats for the drive down to camp.

Did I mention there were 12 of us!  We almost filled the truck up!
This is no little dinner it's a five hour treat starting with the drive down to camp, a tour of the camp, a little gold panning, entertainment and dinner.

See the beautiful river, the picnic tables and the entertainment stage.  You can see a few people hanging around waiting for the dinner bell to ring!

This is where you pan for gold.  You get a shovel full of dirt in your pan and swirl the pan in the water and hopefully find gold in that there pan!  :(  I was not lucky enough to have any gold but two of our group had a good hunk in their pan's.  Yee Haw!

This is after the dinner and since it was cold outside we all were invited inside for a little bit of Brandy, Coffee and story telling by our host.  We had loads of fun and a good time was had by all. 

We did have to load back up on the pick up and with music playing we headed back up top for an end to the evening.  

More fun to come so check in tomorrow and read about the wine tasting tours!

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  1. Yep! We all had a great time. Vicki is a great hostess. Just wait until you see the food she fed us all! It was terrific!


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